E-Mails requesting sensitive account information


Dear Customer,


We understand that fraudulent e-mails are sent to the customers of various Banks, asking them to furnish/update their account information like Internet Banking User Id and password, debit/credit card numbers etc. by clicking on an e-mail link, which direct you to a pop-up window or a spoofed website, which looks almost exactly like the real site.



If you have any suspicions of a fraudulent  -


a)    e-mail, claiming from Karnataka Bank, requesting you to update your private and confidential information related to Karnataka Bank


b)    Website which requires your private & confidential information related to Karnataka Bank then please inform us immediately. You can e-mail us at isecurity[at]ktkbank[dot].com or call our Customer Care Centre.



Please do not disclose any personal confidential information to anyone, including Karnataka Bank employees. This includes: -



Thank you for your cooperation,





Karnataka Bank Ltd.