Great News!!! MoneyClick is a payment gateway for booking Railway Tickets thro’ IRCTC

This facility extended by your family bank across India.  (with effective from 01-12-2009 service charges of Rs.10/- applicable per transaction)


Ticket Booking Steps



We are pleased to inform that your MoneyClick Account with our Bank can be used to pay ON-LINE for your Train Tickets booked through the IRCTC website. Indian Railways Catering & Tourism Corporation Ltd has enabled our Internet Banking facility as a payment gateway. The procedure for ON-LINE payment to the Railways for your ticket is as under:


To book tickets online, you have to get connected to the IRCTC web-site You can get connected either by directly logging on to or through a link that is made available at the bottom of this page. First time when you log in to IRCTC site, you have to register yourself with User Name and Password of your choice. The same User Name and Password should be used for your future login and booking of tickets. Once registered, you can book tickets as per your requirement.


In IRCTC, you will be able to book tickets in two ways.

1.      I-ticket - An i-ticket refers to the normal Internet ticket, which IRCTC will courier to you which you will receive at your doorstep in 2-3 days. For i-ticket you have to book a ticket at least three days prior to the date of journey to enable timely delivery by courier. It can be booked in Confirmed/RAC /Waitlisted ticket.

2.      E-ticket - An e-ticket can be booked up to the time of chart preparation for your train. This will require entering the identity particulars of one of the passengers, who will have to carry same ID card while traveling. An e-ticket can be booked only if the ticket status is Confirmed/RAC .No waitlisted ticket will be booked.


 After booking the tickets, you have to go to payment option. In the payment menu there is a list of various payment gateways like credit cards, debit cards, Internet Banking etc and Karnataka Bank MoneyClick is one such payment gateway.


On selecting MoneyClick, you will be taken to the MoneyClick login page. After logging in to MoneyClick, you can select your account to be debited and the transaction will take place as in the case of a normal fund transfer. Here you may go thro’ the Terms & Conditions, which govern this payment gateway. The system will debit the amount, inclusive of the IRCTC / courier charges, as mentioned on the IRCTC screen, for the tickets you have booked. Online debit of your account and credit of the IRCTC account will take place instantaneously. You will get a confirmation of the payment made, along with a reference number, which is to be retained by you for any further enquiry. You will receive the tickets directly from IRCTC through courier at the address mentioned by you in the IRCTC site, within 2 or 3 working days.


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