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Introduction of KBL-MOBILE - Mobile Banking Services.

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It is to accomplish our endeavor to create additional delivery channels to the customers, our Bank is launching yet another product by name KBL Mobile where a host of Banking services, within the specified limits, are made available at the pre-registered Mobile Phone Handsets.


The features of our mobile banking services are explained here below:


Customer Registration/Activation Process :


You are required to register for KBL-Mobile at their respective base branches.


The branch will scrutinize the Mobile Banking Application , both for the existing and new customers by adhering to extant KYC norms and activate the facility.


On successful registration, Mobile banking User Id (existing CUSTOMER ID) and Mobile Banking Pin (MPIN) will be delivered to your registered mobile number through SMS. You need to activate the registration from the registered mobile phone handset by using this User Id and MPIN which will enable you to login.The activation process is completed by online validation of the details and subsequent to this the activated user is forced to change the MPIN immediately.


Services offered to the customer:-


Balance Enquiry

Mini Statement

Cheque Status


Customer Care Details

Deposit Account Enquiry

Loan Account Enquiry



Change Primary Account

Stop Payment of Cheque (On line)

Request Cheque Book*

Request Debit Card *

Request Debit Card PIN *

Request New Account *

Request Fixed Deposit *


                          Fund Transfer


Own Account - Fund transfer between the accounts.

Within KBL- Fund transfer to any other account with Karnataka Bank

Other Bank- Inter Bank Fund transfer through NEFT with IFS Code.

Inter Bank Mobile Funds Transfer through NPCI
  using Mobile Money Identifier (MMID)  Person to person (*)

Manage my MMID

Regenerate MMID

(*) MMID transfers are enabled only for transfers between the persons .



Create Payee within KBL

Create Payee Other Bank

Create Payee Immediate Payment Services (IMPS)

View Payee


             KBL- ATM / Branch Locator

ATM Locator

Branch Locator




Airline Ticket booking

Mobile Recharge


DTH Top up




Utility Bill Payments


             Change MPIN: Customer is provided with an option to change the M-PIN at his choice .

 Feedback to Bank: Customer can give feed back to bank


Exceptional - features and options:

Account holders having registered mobile number with Bank can receive Money Instantly through IMPS ( Immediate Payment Service ) by providing the Mobile Number and MMID to remitter from other Bank.



MMID (SPACE) ACCOUNT NO to 9880654321 from your mobile

Forgot MPIN:

If a mobile banking customer forgets MPIN, he/she can reset it on-line by providing the Customer ID number, Account number, Mobile number and Date of Birth and One Time Password (OTP) which will be sent to the registered mobile number. Alternatively, customer has the option to visit the branch and submit application requesting the base branch to Reset MPIN.


Mobile number change:


Any change in the mobile number the customer needs to submit an application to the branch for effecting the change and the New Mobile Number will be recognised with immediate effect once the user logs out and logs in again.


Mobile Lost :

A customer, who has lost the mobile hand set should immediately inform/request the branch during the business hours or the customer care centre after the business hours , over the telephone / or in person - to de-activate the mobile number from the Mobile Banking Linkand it will be carried out on verifying the customer credentials . The application Form also provides for request to deactivate on loss of Mobile Handset.



Account number activation/De-activation:

-         By default, all the accounts attached under a given Customer ID linked to the mobile number get activated for Mobile Banking except for Jointly Operated Account, Corporate Accounts, Overdraft Accounts and Freezed Accounts.

-         All new Accounts, opened subsequently will be automatically activated under Mobile Banking Application except for Jointly Operated Account, Corporate Accounts, and Overdraft Accounts.

-         For deactivating/activating a particular account later on, the customer has to submit a separate application form at the branch.


                                 Types of Handsets which supports the Mobile Banking Services:

The Mobile Banking Application can be down loaded / accessed by the customers in the following types of applications enabled Mobile Handsets:

l  Android App This provides App based access to mobile Banking solution and the application downloaded from respective Play store.

l  GPRS (General Packet Radio Service) This provides Mobile Browser based access to mobile banking solution and the Uniform Resource Locator (URL) will be m.ktkbank.com. The Customer has to subscribe /opt for prepaid or post paid GPRS package (Internet Access in mobile device) from the telecom operators.

l  SMS Transactions/services are initiated by sending SMS in the format as prescribed by the bank. SMS charges are applicable as per customer's mobile number billing scheme.Know More Click here


                                 Transaction limits:


Considering all the features and the risk factors involved in mobile banking services, the transaction limit per day , per customer is fixed at the following levels:



Maximum daily cap (both fund transfer & transactions involving purchase of goods / services)

GPRS/Android App mobile banking (encrypted end to end)

Rs. 2,00,000/-

SMS mobile banking (un encrypted)

Rs. 5,000/-


Eligibility Criteria for Mobile Banking Services:

Eligible Accounts:


-         Savings Bank Account in his/her individual capacity and in case of joint accounts operated by either or survivor or anyone or survivor

-         Current Accounts in the name of individual and proprietary concern.


Ineligible Accounts:

-         SBNRE/NRO

-         Accounts with Joint operations

-         Accounts of illiterate persons

-         Accounts of blind persons

-         Minor Accounts

-         Accounts operated by holders of Mandate/Power of Attorney

-         Accounts operated in representative capacity like Clubs, Associations, Institutions, Trusts, Local Bodies, Partnership Firms, Society etc.

-         Corporate Accounts

-         Overdraft accounts

-         Accounts under Garnishee/attachment order or which are subject to litigation/dispute.

Encumbered accounts


Grievance / Complaints:

For all kinds of queries/problems/ suspected transaction, etc., the Mobile Banking Customer shall contact the nearest branch or the Customer Care Centre, (Toll Free No. 1800 425 1444) Bangalore and the extant guidelines on the complaint management needs to be followed by the branches.


For more details and FAQ ON MOBILE BANKING click here

























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